Longing For Sleep by Marit Ilison

“Longing for Sleep” is a conceptual sustainable luxury  collection created by multidisciplinary artist and designer Marit Ilison. 

Translating feelings into materia, it's about Marit's haunting wish to sleep during dark wintery times, kaamos.
Kaamos is an untranslatable word only known in Estonian and Finnish languages, referring to the period 
from November to January in the Northern Hemisphere when the days are very short and it barely gets light outside. 
All the unique coats are handmade in Estonia from vintage woollen blankets and each them is one of a kind.

Some of the coats are embellished with elaborate handmade beadings and reflecting Marit Ilison’s
trademark of moulding feelings into beautiful physical matter, there is a reason why the embellishment
is discretely hidden inside the coats...

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